July Fishing Report

Fishing is slow currently from Fair Haven to the Dunes, the occasional good catch still taking place every day but on the avg most captains and rec’s alike are finding it tough to put a box together on a regular basis. Keep in mind we’ve had several inches of rain, tremendous currents, the typical great amount of winds and a washing machine effect many am’s to start our days.

What does this do? When preferred temps move 20-50 ft in the column over the course of weeks let alone a few days its very unsettling to fish in general but mainly mature fish. Strong currents pushing mountains of water at a fast clip keep the staging and holding locations as well as feeding locations ever changing. About 10 years ago I had an interesting chat with a regional biologist about just this, he stated the more mature a salmon becomes the more stable water they look for. This most influentially during the later periods of maturity just before staging, the more stable the environment becomes the longer they will hold. Where do they go?As we all know, any given season during similar time frames we see great catches in various locations. Be it off shore anywhere in 500+ fow from Oswego to Sodus or great catches inside 150 fow from the Dunes to Sodus, or even further north to Henderson. Everywhere !!! All this is is a result of annual migration mixed with weather conditions and what it does to unsettle staging areas along the entire eastern basin. Chances are right now the mother load of Salmon could be anywhere off ports mentioned in 250-350 fow on the botttom, thus in the most stable environment possible.

When will they come back? The million dollar question…. The only thing for sure is they will !!! Sooner or later our Chinook will leave their currently favored locations to a more suitable area to get ready to do what they do. Possibly after a big west blow or simply one am for no reason known to us catches will be great again. After such great fishing intermittently the last month one thing for sure is the amount of kings out there is a very solid number. Skips, juvey’s and adults alike have all shown us numbers to be excited about, catches from 12 kings boxed by 7:45 to an entire marina fleet all hitting the docks with big percentages of full boxes.Keep in mind we are soon entering the last 2 months of King season for lake trollers, preferred colors and lure items will soon change to what works best during this time period. We will always see a mix of year classes in our Chinook, or at least we hope to. Waves of fish come and go more than ever now and feeders mixed with aggression bites will now fill our days. Hang in there anglers, as Fish-Doctor Ernie quoted many moons ago, we only scratch the surface while out there trolling, there is a lot of water for our fish to be.

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