April Fishing Report

This spring has been the year for very big brown trout! It has been common for fish 15 pounds to hit the deck this spring out of Oswego. The lake conditions play a huge roll in how the fish cooperate day to day. The scenario has played out multiple times this month and that is the ability to be on the water right after a big west wind. It has given the water color and allowed us to target specific groups of fish.

The fishery outside of Oswego has proven to be dynamic and world class this spring. When the brown trout have proved they were not around and the conditions were not ideal we have had the opportunity to fill the box with lake trout. In 110-160 feet of water the lake trout have been very productive once you find a pod of fish. This allows us to keep rods moving and provide action on the back of the boat. Along with lake trout the fishery has provided King’s, Atlantic’s and coho’s in the mix. You never know what will be on the end of the line in the spring waters!

As far as tactics go we have deployed mostly flat lines off the boards with stick baits taking the majority of the fish. Fishing the colored water anywhere from 6 feet and deeper fish have come one riggers, one and two color lead cores as well as Chinook divers deployed right off the back of the boat.

With the conditions not always being ideal it has been important to take advantage of the opportunities you have. Odds are there will be a big fish on the end of the line! Everyone has been great on the rods this spring! Thank you all for coming out! It is always a pleasure having you on board! We are looking forward to the upcoming season so get in touch to book your trip! The calendar is filling up fast and would like everyone to experience this fishery! Looking forward to seeing everyone that have trips booked already!

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