Looking forward to spring brown trout

We are excited about starting the season on Lake Ontario the beginning of April for those spring brown trout! This time of year is traditionally action packed and often have multiple hook ups at a time! A great adventure for the family or a group of friends that are itching to put 2020 behind us and start 2021 out on the water!

The early Lake Ontario fishing charter fleet use a wide variety of tactics to target these trophy Brown’s. On board you will see stick baits run of the planer boards, shallow spoons on riggers and divers on the corners. The spread off the back of the boat allows us to run the max number of rods we can based on how many people are on board. By having the ability to have so many baits in the water while tageting these fish in shallow water, many times as you go over a pod of fish multiple stikes take place! This makes for a great time for everyone on board with lots of action!

There is a reason that Lake Ontaio is considered a world class fishery! The conditions in the spring are unique. Because of the temperature of the water it is always possible that King salmon and brown trout are sharing the same water. You never know when you could be fighting a big king on light tackle! I would have to consider this early season my favorite time of year!

As soon as Wrights Landing Marina opens we will be heading back to the shores of Oswego. The state and city have put millions of dollars into upgrading our home Marina. With the recent history of high water the parking lots have been raised and the grounds have been upgraded as well as the park on top of the hill. Come enjoy these upgrades! They continue to improve everything about the marina and we are looking forward to calling it home again after the early spring season is over! There is so much to do in the area for everyone!

Please get in touch as soon as possible! Dates are filling up fast so call to book your prime dates! We are looking forward to this upcoming year and having you join us! Can’t wait to see some returning friends and also excited to meet new ones! Come see BP Adventures for all your Lake Ontario fishing charter needs! Lets make 2021 the best season yet!

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