July Fishing Report

As we get closer to peak season on Lake Ontario we leave behind a very productive July. In the last few years it seems that July fishing has been even better than the typical peak Lake Ontaio season. It may be the more stable weather, consistent water conditions or just the behaviors of the fish that the Lake Ontario fishing charter fleet pursues. That being said we are looking forward to August and if anyone is considering a trip in 2021 do not disregard July as prime time because over the years it absolutely has been.

A group of Vermont anglers joined us for the Little Salmon River Shootout and placed 3rd out of 53 teams! This finish puts BP Adventures in a good position going in to the third leg of the A-tom-mik triple Crown at the end of August. We will be doing everything we can to be representing our guests on the leader board!

The fishery on Lake Ontario is without a doubt world class and Lake Ontario fishing charters has had the pleasure of providing that experience to our friends that join us with BP Adventures. As productive as July was there are always days that the fishing is slow for the king salmon. Even when that happens we have the privilage of being able to switch gears depending on the conditions. There were multiple times that we were able to pivot tactics into brown trout water and be successful catching trophy brown trout when the king bite was slow. Both June and July are great times to be able to adjust to current conditions and successfully put a box together even if the king salmon are not cooperating that particular day.

A-tom-mik manufacturing meat rigs and stinger spoons took the majority of the bites in July. The colors of choice changed on a daily basis but as we were able to find fish, figure out their preference and stay on top of them, the trips were very successful this month. We are are looking forward to what August has to offer and seeing everyone that has booked a trip for the upcoming month!

Thank you A-tom-mik manufacturing for the best products on the lake! Please support your local tackle shops if you can. Would also like to thank the all the clients that we have had the pleasure to take out so far this year. You make every trip enjoyable for the crew and we look forward to seeing you again soon on the water!

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